Does Samsung Galaxy S8 Deserve All the Hype?

Well, in any of such cases this article untaps almost every feature you might want to judge before investing in your hard-earned money. So, happy reading!



High Points

Design and Screen

Samsung has succeeded in surfacing the most stunning design of S8. The design of S7 edge motivated South Korean brand to retain glass curve on both the sides of S8 as well. It exquisitely sits over the palm with its sleek glossy body of metal rim rolling around with pleasure. It offers a display with rich sharp colors and competes in the market with the 5.8-inch display which can be a jaw-dropping statistic at first. But then this massive display takes the ratio of 18.5:9 which makes it terribly long than wide.Such a feature makes it an ideal phone which recreates a theatre environment when watching any movie. It lands an immersive feel by also promising great contrast ratios and rich colors.

The placement of the buttons has been meticulously worked out. They are sleekly crafted and added to areas where they existed never before. The power button sits prominently towards the right, enjoying its separate position.


You won’t resist sharing your selfies with the 8MP front camera of lens F1.7. The smart autofocus is all set to track faces, making sure none is left out of focus. Multi-frame processing guarantees a crisp and clear image. Even the rear camera of 12MP captures the details at night. For S8, dark offers no barriers. The bright F1.7 lens and large 1.4µm pixels pour in all the light necessary to captures images in dark and lands a perfect shot.


With the 10nm processor, s8 unfolds 10% more powerful CPU and 21 % more powerful GPU. You will feel the difference by multiplied download, charging and surfing speeds.


S8 feels great for your safety. Defense –grade security, iris scanning and face recognition, all such security gives you more liberty over your device than anybody else.

Annoying Feature

  • You will have to open the multi-tasking window and then touch the expand button in-order to view few apps full screen. Such features are yet to get optimized by the developers in order to give a better user-friendly experience.
  • The Bixby button marking its presence towards the left side of handset forces annoying expression as it is right below the volume key. People are sure to crease their forehead when pressed Bixby button instead of volume and deal with the popped up information screen.

Lovable Features

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 is HDR-compatible which means the user can witness more vivid images than never before by adjusting colors through intelligent management. If you are Netflix lover than you can surely avail this facility with a few more bucks by your end else Amazon prime videos just works fine and free. S8 has gone an extra mile in streaming services by being HDR compatible rather than just supporting HD or SD videos.
  • The single tiny loudspeaker at the bottom is enough to fire up any party.

Up for debate?

Positive review

It owns the newest Gorilla glass and Bluetooth 5 compatibility. The new Snapdragon 835 chipsets with 1 GB modem is the best feature it could offer. The phone works great with any carrier while being cheaper than other carrier versions.

Negative review

The phone offers limited storage on the cloud for pictures and videos like Google Pixel and Pixel XL and its fingerprint sensor button is located somewhere worst possible place it could be.

Final Verdict

Galaxy promises a premium feel by putting the shape of phone smartly together. This phone feels like future and any onlooker is sure to appreciate that a serious work of innovation has been poured into the making of this phone.  So try phone close to perfection if your aim is not just perfect.

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