Best Mobile Phone under 5000

Rivo Neo N310 price in pakistan

Rivo Neo N310

Rivo Rhythm RX45 price in pakistan

Rivo Jaguar J505

Rivo Rhythm RX45 price in pakistan

Rivo Rhythm RX45

Rivo Phantom PZ1 price in pakistan

Rivo Phantom PZ1

Rivo Rhythm RX55 price in pakistan

Rivo Rhythm RX55

Rivo Rhythm RX35 price in pakistan

Rivo Rhythm RX35

Rivo Rhythm RX50 price in pakistan

Rivo Rhythm RX50

Rivo Rhythm RX40 Price in pakistan

Rivo Rhythm RX40

Club A1 price in pakistan

Club A1

Club A72 price in pakistan

Club A72

Club A52 price in pakistan

Club A52

Club A80 price in pakistan

Club A80

Rs. 2,100
Club A90i price in pakistan

Club A90i



Best Mobile Phone under 5000

Welcome to HuntMobile Pakistan. HuntMobile Pakistan helps Smartphone users to get complete information about all Best Mobile Phone under 5000 Rupees in Pakistan available in local market. HuntMobile Pakistan Gathered information for all the low budget smartphones and share that over the website. The information posted here is about complete specifications, Updated prices, launch dates and mainly user based reviews.

We have included all touch best mobile in 5000 Rupees in Pakistan as well keypad phones launched by Chinese brands. HuntMobile made sure that to guide our user completely and help them to make decision while buying a secondary phone that available in low prices.

Top Brands Which Makes Best Mobile Phone under 5000

There are a lot of brands that makes cheap phones with limited specifications and Very low prices. People in Pakistan prefers to keep these phones as secondary phones for rough use. We have included here a few Best Brands for Cheap Mobile Phones in Pakistan.

With Hunt Mobile Pakistan, you can easily find a branded smart phone that comes under 5000 Pakistani
rupees. Above you can see the best Android phone under 5000.

Why to Buy Cheapest Mobile in Pakistan

Benefits of buying a Cheapest Mobile in Pakistan.  There are a lot of benefits for you to buy any cheap mobile phones.

  • You can use it outdoor: If you are really a Smartphone user and font of keeping expensive phone in your pocket. Then you can buy another low budget mobile, to keep it with you while you are outdoor.
  • You can use it roughly: if you are using a Cheapest Mobile, then you don’t have fear to slip it down over the floor. Using it wet handed or white you are eating something.

Taking it to the Gym: Another good reason for buying a low Budget smartphone is, you can take it to the gym with you and listen music while doing workout.

Cheapest Android Phone in Pakistan